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As full size cargo vans like the Transit and Sprinter become increasingly popular, smart storage and organizational solutions become ever more important. If you have a cargo van – whether for work, play, or some semi-attainable combination of the two – the chances are high that the ability to efficiently utilize all that space is close to number 1 on your priority list. The cargo bays on these vans are huge, and a great foundation on which to build a totally bespoke vehicle; because the DECKED system turns the otherwise static, unused space at the bottom of that bay into accessible storage, it’s the perfect platform to begin any number of build combinations.


DECKED is designed with mounting/combination in mind. There are small dimples in the shallow vertical channels on the deck which indicate the steel tubes running laterally under it; these tubes are part of what gives the DECKED system its 2000 lb. payload rating, but also serve as mounting points. DECKED uses HDPE an incredibly resilient plastic that is co-molded to a steel subframe. This result is a highly durable product which is light in weight, yet boasts a remarkable 2000 lb payload.DECKED uses HDPE an incredibly resilient plastic that is co-molded to a steel subframe. This result is a highly durable product which is light in weight, yet boasts a remarkable 2000 lb payload.[/caption] Most popular van shelving units are compatible with DECKED’s substructure (or can be made to with little effort), and because it puts a couple burly, smooth rolling drawers under a top deck that’s as strong as the bottom of the cargo bay, it’s the ideal base to build on. With DECKED, you maintain the walkway or cargo space between the shelves, and without a significant height sacrifice, add a significantly easier to access and ergonomic storage capability to your van. Get your hands on the stuff you use most without climbing up inside the van, and eliminate a good sized chunk of wasted time, effort, and precious knee cartilage1Clearly a man with happy knees.


Beyond its usefulness in a work van application, DECKED is a great addition to any sort of recreational setup. It sits above the wheel wells and gives you a bigger floor space to work with, and – at the risk of being redundant – makes it way easier to get the stuff you want when you need it. Especially in a van set up for camping, things can be cramped, so anything that allows access to gear from outside the van is a plus. Because the system comes to a stop right before the side door opening, it doesn’t preclude the use of the area just inside and leaves that space open for anything that might require the full height of the cargo bay. DSC02622

However you want to configure it – whether as the ultimate work rig or the most enviable camper in all the land – DECKED will make the space in your van more efficient, ergonomic and secure.

Make sure to read our Best Practices Guide before fashioning your own shelving and DECKED system combination for your van, as it’ll help you sort out the most sturdy and long-lived configuration/installation possible.

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Why you should get Decked

Toolboxes and storage options for trucks and vans run the gamut, and there are some great options out there. So what makes DECKED worth it, or – dare we say it – better? Why should you choose DECKED?


One of the more popular ways to organize or store gear in a truck bed are crossover toolboxes, which represent a fairly inexpensive, simple, and secure way of achieving that goal. Unfortunately, they don’t address accessing what you’ve stored; you’re still crawling up inside the bed or straining to reach in over the side, and ultimately fishing around in a deep box in a way that isn’t making your life much easier than it was pre-toolbox. Furthermore, a toolbox limits hauling capabilities by occupying a sizable chunk of your bed’s footprint, and precludes the use of a topper and other bed accessories. The DECKED system takes that storage capability and turns it into two easy-to-organize, waist height, and weatherproof drawers which roll out – like butter – from under a burly top deck which maintains the footprint and payload rating of your bed. That said, some shallower boxes work well in conjunction with DECKED if you’re into, you know, maximizing organizational options. 


Yes, there are other truck/van drawer products on the market, but they tend to be some combination of heavier, more costly, and less weatherproof. Unlike our system, the bulk of other drawer products compromise your bed or cargo bay’s footprint by sitting between the wheel wells rather than on top of them, and while the DECKED system is fixed to your bed without drilling into it, most others have installations necessitating varying degrees of permanent alterations to your vehicle. Some do keep water out, but DECKED was designed very specifically to be out in the elements. It’s weatherproof not simply by virtue of its design, but also what it’s made of; the “skeleton” is steel, while the “skin” it supports is HDPE (high density polyethylene), a chemically inert material that easily handles exposure to most solvents and chemicals – not to mention water and sun. That construction also makes it burly; the DECKED system has a 2,000 lb. payload rating, something most drawers can’t claim. 


Sliding beds aim at a similar ease of access, but lack organization, security, and won’t keep the rain out. They are cool, however, and an extra cool set up – something we’ve done here at HQ and seen elsewhere – is our system with one of the compatible slide systems mounted on top. It’s a little pricy, but if you’re an ergo-organizational nut, gives you the best of both worlds. DECKED generally fares well when it comes to mounting accessories, whether bike racks, sliding beds, or shelving. Different from other vehicle drawer products, where mounting to the top probably requires drilling all the way through the one layer of material that comprises its top, in our system, holes generally need only be drilled through the top side of the steel tubes running laterally beneath the deck. This means that the mounting hardware doesn’t penetrate into the drawer compartment, so if properly done, avoids compromising the system’s ability to keep water out. An exception to this is that when mounting a slide, because of the leverage exerted when extended, mounting points should be drilled clear through the subframe in order to provide a strong anchor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 3.10.44 PM

DECKED with Weather Guard shelving.

Look, there are lots of great products out there for making the space truck or van more useful, and we’re aren’t trying to knock them. Some products might work better for some people, for one reason or another. Those with long beds or SUVs, for example, are out of luck (we don’t make anything for an 8’ bed or SUV). Still, we’ve got a great product that we think can outperform expectations in most circumstances; whether you’ve got scuffed knees and a mountain of tools you’re tired of sifting through, are a biker looking for a better place to store that smelly post ride gear, or just someone in a single cab with half your possessions in the passenger seat, keep us in mind.