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Introducing DECKED Defiance, Ohio. We outgrew the double-wide, then we outgrew the barn, so we went out and built a plant. We are proud to announce this next phase: an investment in our customers and our ability to grow and serve them better with better products and better service. Our new, state-of-the-art shipping, receiving, assembly, quality control and warranty facility (yeah, we put it all in one massive man-cave) is now open and doing business.

Located right off of Highway 24 in Defiance, our 105’x25′ logo is hard to miss

Since we opened for business at our new facility, the DECKED elves have been very busy. These stacks of finished systems in cartons are now waiting for orders. With the addition of this new facility we are also able to offer a new service: pre-packaging components (accessories) in the master cartons seen above. This will save our customers UPS shipping fees and ensure that all of your goodies arrive at once! 

A hats off salute to our DECKED Ohio team pictured above. They busted their butts over the past 6 months to get us up and running!

DECKED Presents: Brand Story & History

Born in Idaho, made in the USA, our manufacturing partners help us produce the highest quality products on the market right from the heartland of America. We started thinking about DECKED in 2011, and by 2014 we were shipping our first full bed-length drawer storage systems. With a relentless eye on product quality and customer satisfaction, we are driven by the needs of the working man and woman.

Raw parts await assembly on the production line. We bring injection molded parts from 20/20 Custom Molded Products and metal parts from Dyco, both located a short 30 minute drive from Defiance, to our plant where the team assembles and packages them for shipment.

A robotic router cuts the deck panels (top) to match your truck bed and then the crew drops all the bits into the box.

Once the order comes in, we hop in the forklift and pick your system and get ‘er headed out the door.

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Original Article Published here in FourWheeler.Com by Ben Battles. 

Landing somewhere between glamping and rolling yourself up in a tarp on the ground like a burrito is living out of the bed of your truck. Doing it for a while forces you to make smart and minimal alternations to your everyday lifestyle. Needless to say, no flat screen TV, no fully loaded self-contained kitchen, and probably no room for that espresso machine. On the plus side, though, it’s not a tarp.

First and foremost, I’ve always found that (if feasible) sleeping in a vehicle beats pitching a tent any day, hands down. I say this for a few reasons. First, it’s much safer and more secure in predator (or dirtbag) country. Second, it’s night-and-day more impervious to inclement weather and cold temperatures. Finally, it’s mobile and ready to use at a moment’s notice. There are others advantages—like not having to set up a tent in the rain, noise levels, and so on—but those are the biggies.

My own unique requirements for truck-bed living? There are parallels in everyone’s needs here, but in a nutshell, it needs to be reasonably comfortable and completely self-contained for one or two adults for up to a week’s worth of backcountry hunting or, in a lot of cases, just plain camping. All hunting and camping gear, sleeping accommodations, clothing, and food has to be able to fit within the bed of the truck, securely, weather-tight, and well organized. Depending on your own comfort level requirements, mine is actually a very easy recipe to follow—with the right products.

If you need to keep gear safe, secure, and well organized in the bed of truck, we can’t think of many better solutions than the DECKED bed box. Made from super-tough HDPE polymer and stainless steel or coated steel components, the construction is both light-weight and highly durable. While not at all difficult, assembly is somewhat time consuming; we’d recommend setting aside half a day.

Years of camping out of trucks and SUVs both big and small have allowed us to refine our essential ingredient list. We boil it down to the components we feel are the bare necessity to meet the aforementioned requirements and to allow us to call a 6 1/2-foot truck bed our digs for as long as we feel like living like a jobless vagabond. And speaking of jobs, if you happen to be living without one, you’ll likely have to get a bit more creative than this, as neither of these two main products are particularly inexpensive. Everything you see here, however, would be money well spent, is extremely durable, and does, at the end of the day, exactly what we need it to do time and time again without fail.

Assembly time aside, the good news is that no drilling or permanent modifications are needed to your bed in order to install the DECKED system. It is secured using hooked threaded rods that attach to the factory tie-down anchors at all for corners through the “ammo can” storage pockets. Once installed, it can be removed in about 15 minutes if you find yourself needing more bed depth or payload capacity.

Because the DECKED bed box runs over the top of the wheelwells, providing a flat surface across the entire width of the bed, it maximizes bed space and serves very well as a sleeping platform. It’s also lighter than competing all-steel products. With a 2,000-pound payload rating on the top deck (paired with the optional Core Trax tie-down track shown here) you’re not giving up much in cargo-hauling ability. Further attesting to the genius of the design, a bottle opener can be found conveniently between the two drawers. 

The drawers of the DECKED unit are bed-length and weatherproof, and roll out with amazingly little effort on hard rubber wheels that ride on steel tracks. Capacity per drawer is 200 pounds. The optional weatherproof D-Box storage boxes feature removable dividers, lock into place between molded-in stops to prevent shifting while underway, and proved very handy when additional gear organization or separation was needed.

Moving on to our truck camping shelter, the cap that fit our needs best was ARE’s CX HD model. Like all of the company’s caps, you are able to custom-build to your own needs and specifications online and have your cap shipped it directly to the ARE dealer of your choice.

ARE’s HD caps—available in the CX (shown) and MX series—feature an internal cage that triples the load capacity of the roof racks (and side toolboxes if you check that box), making it a great option for a rooftop-mounted tent if you need more cargo volume in the bed. The interior carpeting option makes it slightly more insulated from cold weather, and also helps keep the decibel level down when your buddies refuse to call it a night around the campfire. 

ARE’s optional Outdoorsman Vented Windoor on either side allows bed access along nearly the entire length of the cap, making it much easier to reach gear closer to the cab. Like the rear hatch, they are also deeply tinted and lockable for security. The center sliding window is screened and offers good cross-ventilation when both are open. To date, we’ve only tested the racks to the tune of two kayaks, but they are capable of holding approximately a dozen (or 550 pounds) if you can figure out how to get that many up there. 

The only downside to the height of the DECKED unit is that most adults will not be able to sit up straight without hitting their head on the interior of a cab-height truck cap, but in our minds, that’s a small price to pay for the versatility that comes with this storage solution. Of course, a raised-profile cap would likely fix that problem, but we also wanted to be able to reach anything on the rooftop without a stepladder. Using the optional power strip, we are able to run our ARB fridge-freezer, air mattress inflator, and anything else that comes to life at 12 volts.

With a TJ Unlimited in tow while my family of four ventured from New Hampshire to California last summer to hit the Rubicon Trail, both the ARE cap and DECKED storage unit proved invaluable pieces of equipment for keeping gear, clothes, food, and tools organized, easy to reach, and out of the weather.

Another huge benefit to the ARE cap and its fully lockable and tinted windows is the added security for anything you’re carrying in the bed. Sure, if someone wanted in bad enough, they’re getting in, but in the various seedy areas in which we’ve left the truck parked overnight, the peace of mind that the ARE provided compared to a vulnerable open bed helped everyone sleep a little better.

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Start with DECKED truck and van drawer storage systems and these other clever accessories to make your vehicle the ultimate quick escape pod for the weekend warrior.

When you punch the clock at 5 o’clock on a Friday and want to get out of town, the last thing you want to do is have to run home and start figuring out how to get all of your gear, tents, bags, food, cooking supplies and everything else organized and ready to go.

Start by putting a DECKED system in your truck. This full bed-length drawer system lets you store and organize all of your camping essentials in secure, weatherproof drawers. So now you’ve left the office to get the family and everything is already packed and ready to go!

The best part about DECKED is you still have full use of your truck or van’s cargo area thanks to a 2000lb payload that the product can carry on its surface. Made in the USA out of recycled materials, this product is light in weight but heavy in durability and eliminates the need to crawl into the back of your truck.

Next, you’ll want a cargo rack and there is nothing like the one from Leitner Designs.   Leitner makes a full range of cargo racks that attach easily to the bedrails and bed of your truck and offer attachable cubby and water/fuel carrying tanks as accessories to give you yet more storage. This clever design gives you a platform for the next essential thing to make your weekend bug-out easier: a roof top tent.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents are a perfect way to avoid having to sleep on the ground and deal with everyone fighting over how to set the tent up once you get to camp. One of the leading brands in the rapidly growing rooftop tent category, you can choose from a variety of different styles and options which offer accommodations from 2 person models all the way up to 4 or more. Think of it as a pop up RV on the roof rack of your truck!

Finally we have a full line of accessories for your drawer system to make organizing and accessing all of your camping stuff easier and better.  The D-Box modular storage toolbox is designed to nest perfectly in your drawers allowing you to have one for the cookware, one for your dry goods, and another for fishing stuff, campfire supplies, or even a fireworks display if it’s the 4th of July! We also offer items like drawer locks for an added level of security, Core Trax cargo tie downs for keeping your cooler and camp chairs from flying around, and T-Tracks if you are the kind of campers who like to take bikes, boats, paddle boards and the like on your weekend outing.

Starting with DECKED truck and van storage with organization systems you can easily build up your ultimate weekend get out of town rig that lets you escape with everything you need in easily accessible and organized compartments, so you can spend more time playing and less time fussing about.  

Okurrr…Jason @monroemedia you win our award for Drawer Dropper of the Show. This is a custom van you need to see in person. Built by Action Van out of Mesa, AZ it features a pullout Dometic Kitchen setup installed into the DECKED drawers. It also integrates gas and power into the ammo cans, Rigid Industries lighting, CargoGlide and ARBaccessories. 


Besides all that, there are a number of other ways a DECKED system can be customized to work for you. Quick Fist rubber clamps, for example, can be fixed to the sides of the drawers and used to secure longer or heavier items, and an array of tool boxes and organizers are available which fit snugly inside (we’ve heard this one works well). You could sling a mini gear hammock from one side of a drawer to the other, attach a gun rack to the bottom, or even install a super handy toilet paper holder; let the DECKED system be the canvas to your organizational creativity… See our best practices here:

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A match made in storage heaven. 

DECKED D-Boxes are ultra durable, gasket sealed, weatherproof toolboxes designed to make organizing and using the DECKED system that much easier. Fit two in a short (5’5”) drawer, and three in a standard (6’6”) drawer. 

DECKED custom toolbox

DECKED Crossboxes are ultra durable, gasket sealed, weatherproof toolboxes designed to make organizing and using the DECKED system that much easier. Fits all DECKED drawers: crosswise in wide full-size and midsize drawers and lengthwise in narrow midsize drawers

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Scott Brady / March 24th, 2018

Throughout the history of our publication, the Toyota Tacoma has remained the most popular vehicle among our readers, a reflection of the model’s reliability and accessibility. As travelers, we ask a lot from our 4WDs, expecting durability, capability, comfort, and capacity, all the while hoping for a great value and even some rugged good looks thrown in. The Tacoma is all of that and so much more, and has become an icon for North American overlanders.

Editor’s Note: Originally featured in the spring issue of Overland Journal

In 2004, we acquired our first Tacoma, a 4-door model that we modified for adventures around the Desert Southwest, ultimately taking it to the Arctic Ocean (Winter 2007 issue) and all the way down to the Darién Gap. It was originally a project for Expedition Portal and was soon adopted as Overland Journal’s first project. Over a decade later and in time for our 10th-anniversary year as a publication, our team decided to revisit the Tacoma and assemble our newest interpretation of this ubiquitous machine.

There are significant reasons why the Tacoma is such a popular option, primarily the legendary reputation of the drivetrain and chassis. Tacomas are well-documented to last 300,000-plus miles of hard driving, the indestructible legacy only being usurped by the Land Cruiser. The vehicle proves to be very liveable, providing daily driving and commuting duties in addition to long forays afield. The platform is also supported widely by the aftermarket, and countless options are available for increasing performance, durability, and backcountry acumen. In late 2016, Overland Journal’s much-loved CFO, Andre Racine, placed the order for a dark gray TRD 4WD 4-door, which would be his personal vehicle, and let us help equip it for the backcountry.

Trail Modifications

Many overlanders enjoy technical challenges along their route or at least want their vehicles to be able to negotiate difficult terrain or washed-out roads if required. We have long embraced the joys of remote and obscure routes, which necessitate a minimum level of preparedness and 4WD capability. Andre wanted trail protection to be a consideration, to shield the expensive new sheet metal and provide proper recovery and jacking points. For this, we turned to Warn for their Ascent front and rear bumpers. These heavy-duty steel units provide robust anchor points and a provision to mount a front winch. Unlike most other bumpers in the category, the winch placement allows full access to the rope and drum, aiding with spooling the line. This position does affect the approach angle slightly; something easily addressed with a small lift and larger tires. In the bumpers, Rigid Industries driving, amber, and flood lights were installed for improved visibility on the road and trail. The lights and other accessories are managed with an sPod SE Edition touchscreen controller. For the winch of choice, we wanted to test the newest technology and chose a Warn Zeon 10-S Platinum with synthetic line. This model is impressively fast and benefits from a rechargeable remote control, heat sensors, and electronic control of the clutch. For safety, a Factor 55 hawse fairlead and FlatLink thimble were used. The last bit of protection was a set of Demello Dominator rock sliders which bolt to the frame rails. Jason Demello was the first sponsor of that original Tacoma in 2004, so it was an honor to have him involved with this project a decade later.

Demello Off-road Rock Sliders remain our favorite. We installed our first set over 13 years ago on our Gen.1 Tacoma.

Up front, we mounted a Warn Ascent bumper with a Warn Zeon winch

A Bilstein front suspension works with Deaver rear springs to support the travel load.
The short Eezi-Awn roof rack provides a perfect place to mount a set of MaxTrax recovery mats and a Rigid light bar.

On the suspension, we deviated from the usual applications and specified a new kit from Bilstein. Out front, height-adjustable B8 5100 struts were used, and in the rear, 5100 shocks were paired with a custom Deaver spring pack. This suspension easily handles the weight of accessories, while still providing a comfortable ride. The amount of lift was tuned to 2 inches, which provided room for Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx 255/85R16 tires. At 33 inches in diameter, this size allows for additional ground clearance and flotation but did not necessitate fender trimming. To keep with the stealthy appearance, the factory wheels were powder coated black. To air up the tires and operate trail tools, an Extreme Outback Products ExtremeAire Endura compressor was fitted, and air lines were plumbed to both the front and rear bumpers. A Warn recovery kit was selected, and a set of four Maxtrax were mounted to the Eezi-Awn K9 roof rack.

SPod continues to provide impressive innovations for controlling remote accessories, and their new sPod 8 circuit SE system is no exception.

DECKED recently launched their new Tacoma drop-in drawer system

Camp Modifications

The primary goal of this project was off-the-grid camping, providing self-sufficiency for days or weeks in the field, even under adverse weather conditions. This required a camper module to allow for above-ground sleeping, which can be a distinct advantage on muddy and rocky terrain. For this, we worked with AT Overland Equipment in Prescott, Arizona, to build one of their new Habitat truck toppers. Constructed primarily from aluminum, the canopy is both lightweight and durable, and all individual panels are replaceable. The unique design opens rearward, providing a massive awning and covered entry into the back of the truck. This overhang also serves as a queen-size bed with a comfortable mattress and gear loft. The tent is a collaborative design between Cam Brensinger of Nemo Equipment and Mario Donovan of AT Overland. Made from heavy-duty canvas, the tent has numerous windows and a high-quality feel. It has proven to be completely waterproof and able to endure high winds. The last step with the topper was to paint it factory gray to match the vehicle.

The inside of the AT Overland Habitat is a comfortable abode, with a thick mattress and tall roof line.
Front Runner Wolf Packs abound, and are perfect for storing camping gear inside.

The attention to detail and durability of the Habitat is evident at every corner.

In the truck bed, organization abounds with particular attention paid to the layout and accessibility. Andre installed a full-length DECKED storage system that includes two cubbies and full bed-length drawers. The quality is impressive and looks perfect in the back of the Tacoma. On the platform top, we mounted an ARB 63-quart electric fridge in a Transit bag to an ARB bearing slide. At the front of the bed, four Front Runner Wolf Packs are secured with Stratchit tie-down straps, accompanied by a Scepter water can and tool kit. To manage electronics from the rear of the vehicle, an sPod membrane panel was installed to activate lighting and the air compressor from inside the camper. For auxiliary power, a Go Power solar charge controller was fitted, and the dual-battery system is managed by an IBS relay and monitor (Editor’s Choice, Summer 2017).

The DECKED system is designed for installation in the Tacoma and features heavy duty roller drawers and a completely flat load floor. In the space fore and aft of the wheelwells, there are small storage cubbies that Andre used to mount an aux battery and stash other small items.  This drawer system is rated to 2,000 pounds on the deck and is Made in the USA!

The IBS dual battery system controller mounts next to the steering wheel and allows for easy monitoring of the power levels.


After a year of use, Andre could not be more happy with the outcome: a legendary Tacoma with all of the modifications and accessories needed to explore the globe. Having driven the vehicle on the trail, all of the systems work together to provide a competent exploration machine, capable of traversing technical terrain, but also fully equipped for self-recovery. The camping configuration is also impressive, with the comforts and tools required for weeks away from civilization. This Tacoma represents over a decade of lessons learned preparing vehicles for overland travel, and was a fitting project to celebrate 10 years of Overland Journal.


2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD


  3.5-liter V6, gasoline

  6-speed automatic transmission

Suspension and Drive

  4:10:1 axle ratio

  Factory electronic rear locking differential

  Bilstein front struts and rear shocks

  Deaver Expedition rear suspension

Wheels and Tires

  Cooper S/T Maxx 255/8 R16 tires

  Factory aluminum wheels, powder coated black

Recovery and Armor

  Warn Ascent front bumper

  Warn Ascent rear bumper

  Warn Zeon 10-S Platinum winch

  Factor 55 fairlead and thimble

  Demello Offroad Dominator rock sliders

  Maxtrax MKII recovery tracks

  Xpel Ultimate protective film


  Rigid D2 driving LED lights

  Rigid D2 amber LED lights

  Rigid 40-inch LED light bar

  sPod SE Edition with dual controllers

  Extreme Outback Products ExtremeAire compressor

  AT Overland Habitat truck topper

  ARB 63-quart fridge w/transit bag and slide

  WeatherTech Floor Mats and window vents

  Decked storage system

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October 02, 2017

A couple of weeks back, we did something noteworthy, we debuted the new DECKED drawer storage system for midsize trucks like Tacoma and Colorado/Canyon to a select group of media. 

We figured, now that the cat is soon to be out of the bag, why not share our new product at a little pow-wow with the automotive media, related influential types, a few guys who probably never miss a free meal and a smattering of others to lift the veil on the midsize system we have been working on for over 18 months.

Big shout out here to the ID Agency for putting this event together for us as well as the folks that showed up from outlets like Motor Trend Network, Tread, Recoil, Internet Brands (all of those great forums out there for truck guys), ABC Radio (Latino Garage), and more.

The taco truck rolled up with a feed of amazing street food including Korean BBQ that was a socks-knock’er-off’er and more. 

While most people came to check out the new product and touch and feel the real deal after months of anticipation, we couldn’t help ourselves but to bust out a powerpoint presentation. 

The Tacoma mafia was in full effect and safe to say, we made a man named Daniel’s day. 

With the same performance and engineering/manufacturing quality of the DECKED full sized system, the midsized system comes with a host of enhanced features that will soon be adopted into the full sized line: weatherproof ammo cans and detent drawer stops (to keep drawers open on inclines) being the most noticeable and noteworthy. 

DECKED for midsize will fit all Chevrolet Colorado/Canyon trucks since 2015, Toyota Tacoma trucks since 2005, as well as the Nissan Frontier here in North America.  This product will also be available in the international market for VW Amarok, Toyota Hi-Lux, Mazda BT50, Ford Ranger, and more later in the year. 

Thanks to all that came out (Dos Chino’s Food Truck #NumeroUNO) and looking forward to seeing you again at a concentration of metal, wheels and motors.

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As full size cargo vans like the Transit and Sprinter become increasingly popular, smart storage and organizational solutions become ever more important. If you have a cargo van – whether for work, play, or some semi-attainable combination of the two – the chances are high that the ability to efficiently utilize all that space is close to number 1 on your priority list. The cargo bays on these vans are huge, and a great foundation on which to build a totally bespoke vehicle; because the DECKED system turns the otherwise static, unused space at the bottom of that bay into accessible storage, it’s the perfect platform to begin any number of build combinations.


DECKED is designed with mounting/combination in mind. There are small dimples in the shallow vertical channels on the deck which indicate the steel tubes running laterally under it; these tubes are part of what gives the DECKED system its 2000 lb. payload rating, but also serve as mounting points. DECKED uses HDPE an incredibly resilient plastic that is co-molded to a steel subframe. This result is a highly durable product which is light in weight, yet boasts a remarkable 2000 lb payload.DECKED uses HDPE an incredibly resilient plastic that is co-molded to a steel subframe. This result is a highly durable product which is light in weight, yet boasts a remarkable 2000 lb payload.[/caption] Most popular van shelving units are compatible with DECKED’s substructure (or can be made to with little effort), and because it puts a couple burly, smooth rolling drawers under a top deck that’s as strong as the bottom of the cargo bay, it’s the ideal base to build on. With DECKED, you maintain the walkway or cargo space between the shelves, and without a significant height sacrifice, add a significantly easier to access and ergonomic storage capability to your van. Get your hands on the stuff you use most without climbing up inside the van, and eliminate a good sized chunk of wasted time, effort, and precious knee cartilage1Clearly a man with happy knees.


Beyond its usefulness in a work van application, DECKED is a great addition to any sort of recreational setup. It sits above the wheel wells and gives you a bigger floor space to work with, and – at the risk of being redundant – makes it way easier to get the stuff you want when you need it. Especially in a van set up for camping, things can be cramped, so anything that allows access to gear from outside the van is a plus. Because the system comes to a stop right before the side door opening, it doesn’t preclude the use of the area just inside and leaves that space open for anything that might require the full height of the cargo bay. DSC02622

However you want to configure it – whether as the ultimate work rig or the most enviable camper in all the land – DECKED will make the space in your van more efficient, ergonomic and secure.

Make sure to read our Best Practices Guide before fashioning your own shelving and DECKED system combination for your van, as it’ll help you sort out the most sturdy and long-lived configuration/installation possible.

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Why you should get Decked

Toolboxes and storage options for trucks and vans run the gamut, and there are some great options out there. So what makes DECKED worth it, or – dare we say it – better? Why should you choose DECKED?


One of the more popular ways to organize or store gear in a truck bed are crossover toolboxes, which represent a fairly inexpensive, simple, and secure way of achieving that goal. Unfortunately, they don’t address accessing what you’ve stored; you’re still crawling up inside the bed or straining to reach in over the side, and ultimately fishing around in a deep box in a way that isn’t making your life much easier than it was pre-toolbox. Furthermore, a toolbox limits hauling capabilities by occupying a sizable chunk of your bed’s footprint, and precludes the use of a topper and other bed accessories. The DECKED system takes that storage capability and turns it into two easy-to-organize, waist height, and weatherproof drawers which roll out – like butter – from under a burly top deck which maintains the footprint and payload rating of your bed. That said, some shallower boxes work well in conjunction with DECKED if you’re into, you know, maximizing organizational options. 


Yes, there are other truck/van drawer products on the market, but they tend to be some combination of heavier, more costly, and less weatherproof. Unlike our system, the bulk of other drawer products compromise your bed or cargo bay’s footprint by sitting between the wheel wells rather than on top of them, and while the DECKED system is fixed to your bed without drilling into it, most others have installations necessitating varying degrees of permanent alterations to your vehicle. Some do keep water out, but DECKED was designed very specifically to be out in the elements. It’s weatherproof not simply by virtue of its design, but also what it’s made of; the “skeleton” is steel, while the “skin” it supports is HDPE (high density polyethylene), a chemically inert material that easily handles exposure to most solvents and chemicals – not to mention water and sun. That construction also makes it burly; the DECKED system has a 2,000 lb. payload rating, something most drawers can’t claim. 


Sliding beds aim at a similar ease of access, but lack organization, security, and won’t keep the rain out. They are cool, however, and an extra cool set up – something we’ve done here at HQ and seen elsewhere – is our system with one of the compatible slide systems mounted on top. It’s a little pricy, but if you’re an ergo-organizational nut, gives you the best of both worlds. DECKED generally fares well when it comes to mounting accessories, whether bike racks, sliding beds, or shelving. Different from other vehicle drawer products, where mounting to the top probably requires drilling all the way through the one layer of material that comprises its top, in our system, holes generally need only be drilled through the top side of the steel tubes running laterally beneath the deck. This means that the mounting hardware doesn’t penetrate into the drawer compartment, so if properly done, avoids compromising the system’s ability to keep water out. An exception to this is that when mounting a slide, because of the leverage exerted when extended, mounting points should be drilled clear through the subframe in order to provide a strong anchor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 3.10.44 PM

DECKED with Weather Guard shelving.

Look, there are lots of great products out there for making the space truck or van more useful, and we’re aren’t trying to knock them. Some products might work better for some people, for one reason or another. Those with long beds or SUVs, for example, are out of luck (we don’t make anything for an 8’ bed or SUV). Still, we’ve got a great product that we think can outperform expectations in most circumstances; whether you’ve got scuffed knees and a mountain of tools you’re tired of sifting through, are a biker looking for a better place to store that smelly post ride gear, or just someone in a single cab with half your possessions in the passenger seat, keep us in mind.

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Truck with a tonneau cover

So you’ve got a tonneau cover on your truck – why? We’ve talked with lots of truck owners who have tonneaus, and their reasons for having one are generally some combination of the following:

  • Keeps gear out of the elements
  • For security – out of sight, out of mind
  • Looks good
  • Improves MPG

We think DECKED can do all this, and more – except #4: this just isn’t proven. While there have been tests – rather a test, as far as we can tell – showing a reduced drag coefficient resulting from the use of a tonneau, it isn’t conclusive when it comes to MPG. Anecdotally, we’ve seen claims of savings in the ballpark of 1 MPG, but keep in mind that if you’re told a cover will reduce drag by up to 10% – the study shows 8%, and only at 85 mph – this doesn’t mean 10% better MPG. The DECKED system isn’t exactly featherweight, so we try to avoid making any unrealistic claims about improving MPG.

First off, DECKED is weatherproof. It’s not quite a submarine (don’t back it all the way down the launch), but can be hosed off, left out in the rain, taken through the carwash, etc. Small particulate matter like dust or mist CAN get into the drawers, but only in generally negligible quantities.

Between a locking tailgate and the optional drawer locks, it’s secure. Clearly, a dedicated thief with the proper tools and enough time will get into just about anything, but our system is one heck of a hard thing to break into – yes, we’ve tried. When it comes to style, if the specific look of a tonneau is your goal, our system probably won’t cut it – namely because, well, it’s not a tonneau. Still, we sure think it looks killer, and because it sits beneath the top of the bed, there’s still a place to haul taller items or mount other accessories (bike racks, tie-downs, CargoGlide, etc.). The drawers pull out at waist level and the bottom of the bed is higher up, so no more scuffed knees, standing on tiptoe, or fishing around with some jerry-rigged broomstick and coat hanger hook; your gear is where you want it when you need it. Need the full depth of the bed for some reason? The whole system comes out in under 15 minutes. And yes, this whole post has been about why a DECKED functions in place of a tonneau, but depending on your needs, work well together, too.d80_1178Essentially, in addition to the security and weather protection offered by a tonneau, DECKED provides ergonomic use, convenient organization, and full use of the bed. No, it can’t do everything. Like we mentioned above, if the specific look of a tonneau is what you’re after, then DECKED simply isn’t that. If you’re hauling aggregate, you might look elsewhere (but consider something like this). As an all around easy-to-use and secure (cost effective, too) mode of bed storage, though, it’s hard to beat.

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DECKED for cargo van system

To ski or mountain bike? Springtime in Idaho is not for the faint of heart. Professional skier Reggie Crist and industry vet Scott McCoubrey take a trip over Trail Creek pass in Sun Valley, ID to try out our new DECKED for cargo van system. Skis, boards, climbing rack, camp gear, tools, hardware and other critical items slide out right at waist height for easy access. Just a little thing we like to call ergonomics. You can dial in everything you need for that epic journey or weekend warrior escape by keeping it organized with DECKED for cargo vans. With a 200 lb per drawer load rating and a 2000 lb payload capacity on the deck, the system will take about everything you can throw at it.